About Us

Our Story

Dualmist was formed in 2014 to develop a range of low pressure watermist Nozzles Ltd for Premiermist UK - a related UK fire suppression systems installer. With the R&D and manufacturing all under one roof - it allowed us to rapidly innovate and improve the design until with the DM4 range we felt happy to proceed with application for LPCB approval - which has now been achieved.

Over the same period and by using the market advantage given by the nozzles, - the UK distributor- Premiermist UK has gone from strength to strength - doubling in turnover and profit every year with current turnover at approximately £10 million. This expansion looks set to continue for the foreseeable future. We would be interested in talking to interested parties in other countries to consider using our nozzle range and similar business model to rapidly gain market share in this expanding sector of fire suppression industry in their respective countries.

Precision Engineered Components

All Components are designed and Manufactured on site where we have over £3 Million investment of state-of-the-art CNC Machines including Citizen Slidinghead Lathes and Nakamura twin-spindle lathes. All Components are manufactured on site to the strictest quality controls including FPC PN111 and ISO 9001:2015.


Each Nozzle is engraved with a Part Number, assembly date, K-Factor and a unique serial number that allows full traceability of all the components back to the raw material certificates. The DM4R and DM4C Nozzles are LPCB Approved and have undergone a vast range of pressure/leak and corrosion testing to eliminate any potential design flaws. Under FPC procedures each nozzles that is produced undertakes a rigourous testing regime (pressure/leak/activation and 100% bulb cull test) to ensure that there are no defects in the product or the bulb prior to dispatch. The Thermo-bulbs we use are purchased from JoB Gmbh in Germany and are manufactured under ISO 14001.


Meet Our TEAM

Adrian Bettison
General Manager

Adrian has worked for DualMIST since it was founded in 2014. He brings many years of manufacturing experience to the business. Contact Adrian if you have an enquires

Sandra Hart
Assistant & Purchasing Manager

Sandy has worked for DualMIST for 6 years and deals with Order Processing and Expediting. Speak to her if you have an enquiry about your order or would like to place an order.

Paul Cobb
Managing Director

Paul is the Managing Director of DualMIST and is repsonsible for the overall strategy and planning sides of the business.


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