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Dualmist Ltd is the authorised european manufacturer for DualMIST International Ltd. DualMIST Ltd is a specialist provider of Low Pressure Watermist Systems with a proven and well established range of approved low pressure watermist nozzles.

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How It Works

DualMist uses a variety of methods to create a blend of small and medium water droplet size. We then use larger droplets in the form of jets to distribute these smaller droplets as far as possible from the nozzle. In this way we can engulf the entire area in a combination of fine mist and larger water droplets.

The larger water droplets have the ability to penetrate the fire and the smaller droplets act like a gas and suffocate the fire whilst also removing large amounts of heat energy. In this way we can easily outperform a conventional sprinkler nozzle using up to 50% less water.


Lower Flow Requirements

Sometimes water flow to residential houses is too low for conventional sprinkler systems. Dualmist has passed BS8458 fire test with a specially designed nozzle that uses just 25 litres per minute at 7 bar pressure. This makes this technology ideal for such installations.

Lower Installation Costs

Using less water means smaller tanks,smaller pipes, smaller pumps and as some nozzles can be used at 5 metre spacing it can also mean fewer overall nozzles. The end result is that in spite of the nozzle costing more per unit than a sprinkler nozzle, the overall cost of the whole installation can be significantly lower than that of a conventional sprinkler system.


Our Misting Systems and Nozzles have been through a rigorous regime of independent fire and component testing at BRE GLOBAL and achieved various watermist standards. Several of our Products have a full LPCB Approval and all Nozzles are manufactured under stringent FPC controls and Ukas approved ISO 9001:2018.


Extensive fire testing has been carried out at BRE Global on a range of nozzles and systems.

DualMist in conjunction with Premier Mist UK Ltd were the first company to attain full fire test approval to the residential published water mist standard BS 8458 and the published BS 8489 for commercial water mist systems. In addition to the standard British standard protocol.

DualMist have also designed an EDA double knock smoke detection system for high ceiling heights. This system far surpasses the performance of conventional sprinklers.

We have also successfully performance tested the DualMIST wall mounted nozzle (DM5) at an extended coverage of 25m2 whilst utilising a water density of only 2mm per m2.

Our Projects

over the last 7 years our partners have installed hundreds of projects in a wide variety of industries and applications including fire stations, care homes, schools, hospitals, hotels and tower blocks .

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