Dualmist, a leading manufacturer of specialist watermist products, has received LPCB Red Book listing for two of their nozzles for both domestic and commercial use following a robust four-year component testing process.

Now, with the new certification in place from globally-recognised Building Research Establishment, Dualmist can supply fully approved nozzles to the standard required for commercial use which is BS 8489 and BS 8458 for residential or domestic use.

Unique in design, the manufacturer now produces more than 30000 nozzles every year thanks to a water-tight research and development strategy. Outperforming ordinary water sprinklers by using up to 50% less water, the technology of Dualmist encapsulates a variety of methods to create a blend of small and medium water droplet sizes before using larger droplets or jets to distribute the smaller particles as far from the nozzle as possible. In doing so, an entire area can be engulfed in a combination of fine mist and larger water droplets.

The Derby based business has been operating since 2014 to develop a range of low pressure watermist nozzles, supplying almost exclusively to Premiermist, their UK based partner. Achieving this new accreditation will open the doors to increased supply in the EU markets where a similar partner-strategy intends to be adopted. Dualmist aims to be recognised as the specialist, authorised provider of low pressure watermist systems.

While trading has been challenging for most during the COVID-19 global pandemic, The slowdown provided Dualmist the opportunity to actually invest in the business in preparation for growth. Dualmist carried out major upgrades to their testing facilities and introducing a new showroom and demonstration area for potential customers.

Managing Director Paul Cobb explains, “Receiving this seal of approval shows our commitment to providing a leading and effective watermist solution to the market.

We’re constantly evolving and seeking ways to change, improve and develop our services, in a drive to become more specialist and maintain our position as experts in this field.

That is why we now planning for the next phase of the business. We’re looking to find partners interested in forming joint ventures or other business relationships in European markets and are even exploring international markets such as the USA, Canada and Australia.